Thursday, May 24, 2012

Martha's Bloomer's: Cafe M. Bloomers

The entrance
In Navasota, TX lies a wonderful nursery, shop and tearoom. Not only does Martha's Bloomers have a lovely selection of anything you could need for your garden but they also can boast that they have one of the world's largest teapots! 

One of the world's largest teapots! 

The tearoom is known as Cafe M. Bloomers. Here I did not call ahead to order the afternoon tea tray because I was visiting a friend with my Mom and all of our plans were fairly relaxed for the weekend. The setting of the tea room definitely fits in with the greenhouse, I would call it elegant country-chic garden (or something!)

The front of the cafe, the foyer and a view of the dining room through the window

The dining room is warm and inviting with warm yellow walls and bright white table cloths. As soon as you are seated, a warm fresh-baked tasty treat comes out of the kitchen along with tiny sampler cups of Martha's 'Famous Orange Spiced Tea'. It is a warm cup of joy that reminds me of the holiday spiced tea mix that is always a popular Christmas mix gift made with orange powdered drink, red hots, and instant tea. The scone we had that day was raspberry and chocolate.
Spiced tea and scones

The menu is full of delicious fresh soups, sandwiches and salads. A copy of their menu can be found here. An afternoon tea tray is also available from 2-4pm but requires a reservation and 24hr notice.

The tea served here is the amazingly designed Tea Forte. As soon as the teapot blooming with fragrance is brought out you instantly relax. I took a cup of the White Ambrosia that day.
Tea forte presentation

After enjoying your meal you can NOT I repeat NOT pass up on the desserts of the day. Our friend Pam had a icebox lemon pie while my mom and I split the chocolate cake. I will just let the pictures do the talking.
Chocolate Avalanche Cake that had almonds, truffle bits and even cheesecake!

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  1. I can't believe you didn't title this "Tea for Texas" --

    Regardless, I want some of that cake!