Monday, February 27, 2012

A very, very, very, late Christmas Tea Post Continued!

So I had a lovely weekend down in Texas and while I was there I got to visit a lovely tearoom! Loveliness all around. That post will have to come another day though because my class is about to start so I will just be finishing up the Christmas tea post.

It was time to set the table finally. I decided to use the momster's china and start off with a cream table cloth followed by a green and white checked cloth with printed pine cones. The silver tea service also made an appearance as the center piece. 
Silver tea service with oranges and greenery. 
The greenery was cut from the cedar trees down the street. I always wash them in the sink and quarantined the stems so we aren't bugged by extra guest...get it...bugged! The oranges were not only there for a touch of color; every Christmas we had at my Mimi and Papa's house (my dad's parents) we would each get a giant orange stuffed down in the toe of our stockings. This relates to the tradition when oranges were a luxury item and would be stuffed in the toe of stockings along with other nuts, sweets, and candies. The stockings we used at their house were always traditional stockings that we long and white and probably older than me!

Noel Log in its full glory! I am already looking forward to making this again next year with fancier decorations. 
The Noel log also got the greenery treatment and a few holly springs to liven up the presentation! The meringue mushrooms were placed on right before serving so they wouldn't dissolve in the whipped topping.

The final table was full but not overstuffed. I thought it turned out fairly pretty. Each time I set the table I get a little better. I look forward to my own space one day.
Starting from the left: sugar cookies on the triple tray, scones with butter and jam, Noel log, cheese and summer sausage plate with crackers, finger sandwiches (turkey cranberry and cucumber) and finally plates, teacups and saucers!
This tea was planned for six people and we ate in the other room around the coffee table which was spruced up with a lace tablecloth and a real noel log center piece complete with two red taper candles! A elephant tea cozy made his grand debut! Sadly my friend was still at her dad's house out of state at the time of the tea so she could not admire her handiwork.
The elephant tea cozy of joy! He needs a proper name. 
Well that about wraps it up! I will have to do better on documenting everything next time. I am now going to get ready for my class....but I will be thinking about watching the Carling Cup when I get home.

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